1. How fast will my order be ready to ship? Poster orders are actually printed the same day and shipped the next business day. Clothing and accessories is 2-7 days to process not including shipping time.
  2. Why do you only offer two Poster sizes? We offer only 18x24 and 24x36 since these are the most common poster sizes and to ensure we can process your prints fast and offer our prints at the lowest possible price.
  3. Is there a minimum order quantity? Since we specialize in fast turnaround we maintain a "short-run" policy on posters and banners of 1-50 in order to ensure we can truly ship your order next day. If more then 50 are needed we recommend using a mass-run printing company.
  4. Do you offer photo scanning? Unfortunately we only accept digital files at this time. Simply upload your files during the order process.
  5. How good of quality photos do I need to send? For normal quality we recommend 300dpi and up resolution at 25% of the final size. For the highest quality we recommend 300dpi and up at 50% of the final size requested. Files that contain text only can be between 150-300 dpi. 
  6. What type of files can I upload? We strongly recommend jpeg. and PDF. files for photo images and PNG for logos . We do accept most file extensions but files other than just mentioned we will have to process them through our software which may cause delays with your order.
  7. Do you have a store front where I can pick up my order? We are an online only retailer that would require your items to be shipped only. Sorry for the inconvenience
  8. Do you offer mounting and framing? In order to ensure fast processing and delivery we do not offer any mounting or framing.
  9. What is your return policy? Please refer to our refund policy.
  10. What is your shipping method? Currently we only offer USPS.
  11. How long before I receive my items? Photo related media ships standard from  Riverside, Ca. Custom apparel ships from Los Angeles Ca, Charlotte N.C., and Tijuana MX for some of our international customer’s.
  12. Can I upload any image? Posterized.net has the right to refuse any images that condone violence, hate, illegal activity, drugs, and any image that infringes on copyright material. Please upload responsibly.
  13. What printing method is used for apparel? All apparel is Direct to Garment (DTG) printed.
  14. Do you screen print or heat transfer apparel? Since we focus on turnaround time, detailed images and small runs, DTG offers the best quality in images, faster than other printing methods and more cost effective for consumers with small quantity orders.
  15. What if I need help using the design tool? Just contact us by email and include your image, text, and any other printing preferences and we'll do the rest at no additional charge.